Complete Toolkit For Students To Amp Up The Productivity

Complete Toolkit For Students To Amp Up The Productivity


Student life can be a stressful time considering the huge workload and study material that just keeps on piling up, not to mention the procrastination and distractions. But what is it that you can do to keep yourself productive and motivated to help you get through school with good grades?

Here are a few apps and websites that many students have found helpful to beat mental blocks and make learning more fun and organized.

PDF Simpli

As a student, PDFs and documents are something to deal with almost every day. PDF Simpli is a website that helps you with editing your PDFs, while also acting as a PDF to Word converter.

This can help you save a lot of time that you spend correcting file formats and reviewing assignments and articles. Especially when you are on a tight schedule, this helps you add a little extra time to your day.

Wolfram Alpha

This application is basically concerned with math. It gives you solutions for any of your problem sets with a step-wise easy to understand explanation. This can be a super-efficient and powerful tool when used appropriately, but it has been reported to be used by students to cheat on tests, etc.

It has recently started including content for other subjects as well and is gaining an increased number of users steadily.

G Suite

GSuite is a must-have for every student at this point. These apps help you update your calendars, create digital notes, and most importantly, allow collaborations.

As students, group projects are inevitable, and here is where you will find GSuite to be extremely handy. You can even present as a group, and edit it while communicating effectively as it is a single platform allowing all of you to edit freely.

Easy Bib

Honestly speaking, finishing up your assignment feels really great until you remember that you have to pull up references. Easy Bib is a website that helps you manage your references simultaneously as you work on your project, saving you the trouble of going back to your source.

At the end of your paper, it can also give you a compiled bibliography in your preferred format.

Opens tax

There are a lot of websites that have compilations of all the textbooks and reference articles that you will need through your school years.

Opens tax holds a collection of all the books you will need with different versions and reviewed books. It can also be helpful if you would like to check out additional books for your subjects or take up new subjects.


Sci-Hub is a website that has a wide collection of articles, magazines, and research papers related to all the branches of science. This can help you with your projects and assignments, or you can read them in your free time for additional info.

In conclusion, be sure to make use of available resources and avoid spending unnecessary time doing meager tasks like making charts, spreadsheets, converting files from PDF to Word, etc., when there are websites that can do it for you. Be sure to use the time you saved here efficiently.