How to Scale Your Sub Broking Franchise Business

How to Scale Your Sub Broking Franchise Business


In India, individual investors can’t take part directly in the capital market. They can do this only with the help of the country’s dynamic stockbrokers. These stockbrokers also deal with a diverse network of sub brokers who, on behalf of the broker, guide investors with the share market investing strategies. Sub broker is the official name for these sub brokers. If you want to make your dream, come true as an entrepreneur, going for an agency business is a good option.

Starting an agency business indeed demands lots of dedication and hard work, but the result is also equally rewarding. As a Sub broker, you can earn over a lakh in a month with a rolling business. In this article, we will dabble in the ways to grow your sub broker franchise business.

The Indian stock market relies heavily on sub brokers. In India, Stockbroking is a perennial business due to the nature of the financial industry. So, with the right mindset and strategy, you can achieve great success in a short period.

 Setting up an organization requires a lot of effort and hard work, but the results are most of the time very satisfying. With a rolling business, you can earn over a lakh in a month as a sub broker. Here are some tips to grow your sub broker franchise business.

Tips to Grow Your Sub Broker Franchise Business

Licensing and Registration

The first step in starting a company is to register with the stock exchange as a sub broker. SEBI registration is no longer mandatory under the new regulations, but the regulator has requested both current and prospective agents to register with the exchanges. SEBI prohibits anyone from acting as a sub broker without first registering with the regulator.

Finding A Good Stockbroker

Sub brokers, as previously said, operate under stockbrokers. Finding a successful stockbroker would require some preliminary research. Begin by comparing each company’s business model. Since stockbrokers demand different rates for initial security deposits and commission pay-outs, be transparent about what value you will offer and what you will get. You must choose a company with a proven track record and a well-known brand name.

Selection of Office Space

You may choose to run the company from home or a commercial location. You don’t need to put a lot of money into it at first. It’s sufficient to have a decent-sized office. Make sure you choose your place wisely. When you sign up with a stockbroker, they will supply you with publicity materials such as banners, displays, and other promotional items. When choosing an office, ensure that the place has a high footfall with the people who will be your target audience.

Updating Knowledge with Courses

You must keep up with the recent developments in the stock market to provide the best service. The exchanges deliver a variety of short- and long-term classes that you can enroll in. Alternatively, enroll in SEBI’s investor education services. In addition, attend the broking firm’s agent enhancement and preparation seminars, read analyst papers and keep up with stock market content. Investors prefer an experienced agent that can provide sound counsel.

Research & Advisory

The research and advisory service is almost all the stock market investors are looking for. When you start your new sub broker franchise business you have to offer good research and advisory services time to time according to stock market situation. Along with research and advisory you have to offers more offers like free demat account opening, low AMC charges, low brokerage charges etc.

How to Scale a Sub Broker Franchise Business?

As a stock sub broker, you effectively share your vast expertise with your clients to maximize and expand your collective capital. About the fact that a sub stock broker franchise is managed by the broker, a sub broker may build a successful company of their own, one through which they can make considerable earnings. These profits, of course, rise in tandem with the number of clients and investors you have. The more profitable investors you make and the more profits you make for your customers, the more commission you’ll get.

Stock brokers are intent on incentivizing their stock sub brokers, as previously mentioned.As a result, the broker is more likely to sell you a larger slice of the pie if you create stable and improved cash flows. As a sub broker, you benefit from this. After all, you earn more per deal because you get more customers to brokers, helping them to earn a brokerage as well. In reality, it’s a win-win scenario.

There are a few options to expand the portfolio of sub broker franchises.

1. They build a Natural Database first. This is a list of people who are likely to invest in your business in the beginning and include family, relatives and friends.

2. Another trick is to keep the customers interested. And after you’ve invested in your capital exchange franchise and sub stock broker, the more they sell, the more money they’ll make, and, of course, the more your company will gain.


It is never easy to start and run a company. You are likely to wear several hats as an entrepreneur. If you can stay focused and work hard, owning an agency company can be rewarding. We hope you find the above suggestions helpful in transforming your business.