Online payment card: where to find it and how to get it?

Online payment card: where to find it and how to get it?


A payment card allows you to pay online and at a merchant, but also to withdraw money. It is possible to obtain a payment card online from traditional banks, online banks or neobanks.


Online payment card: how does it work?
An online payment card is a bank card that will allow its holder to carry out online transactions , on various websites or applications, but also at physical merchants.

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To use an online payment card, nothing could be simpler, all you have to do is indicate on the website the name and first name of the holder, the card number and the three-digit cryptogram located on the back of this card. It is possible that the customer will then receive a code by SMS, which he must indicate on the site, in order to prove that he is the holder of the bank card.

The amount of the transaction is then debited from the bank account.

The different online payment card offers
In fact, all bank cards are online payment cards. In fact, all of them, with the exception of withdrawal cards, often reserved for minors, allow transactions to be carried out on the internet or at a merchant. However, this does not mean that all cards are the same. A distinction is made in particular between classic cards and high-end cards, as well as cards with systematic authorization.

Note : it is possible to take out a bank card online from the bank’s website.

Classic bank card
Classic bank cards are the basic cards that most consumers have. A bank card of this type allows you to pay online and at all merchants.

Find below the three best offers of classic bank cards:

High-end bank card
The high-end credit cards allow as much to pay online. However, they have some advantages over traditional bank cards: higher spending limits and guarantees (insurance and assistance) which cover the holder during his travels (repatriation, civil liability abroad, flight cancellation, loss luggages…).

Likewise, find below the three best offers of high-end payment cards:

Among neobanks

It is also possible to obtain a payment card online from neobanks. Unlike online banks and traditional banks, neobanks do not have an authorized overdraft, checkbook or joint account, but offer very accessible free offers, including banking prohibitions.

However, the particularity of a neobank online payment card is that they are systematically authorized. In fact, they are often refused by online sellers when paying in installments, because the holders are considered to be more at risk. To find out more, it is necessary to consult the general conditions of sale of the website.
How to choose your payment card online?
A consumer therefore has many choices to obtain an online payment card. The final selection will depend in part on his profile. As can be seen in the various tables, the consumer must indeed justify a minimum income from 1000 € to obtain his payment card online at many banks, with the exception of Orange Bank and Monabanq, which offer unconditional bank cards .

However, the Monabanq online payment card is chargeable … unlike that of Orange Bank. These two cards are, however, classic cards. To obtain a free high-end card, you will have to turn to ING, which offers a free Gold MasterCard card from € 1,200 in monthly payments on the account.
Secure online purchases
Now, additional solutions and features have emerged to make online purchases more secure. There are thus somewhat specific online payment cards:

The virtual bank card : as its name suggests, this card is only virtual. It cannot be used to pay at a merchant. The holder will have software which allows him, at each use, to generate bank card codes that he can use for his purchase. These codes are temporary. Thus, in the event of theft, hacking or phishing , the customer is protected: the hacker will not be able to do anything with it because the codes will have become invalid.

The dynamic cryptogram bank card : this is a feature that can be added to a bank card. The three-digit cryptogram on the back of the card is replaced by a small dynamic dial, which displays a cryptogram that will change regularly. Thus, as for the virtual bank card, the codes are only valid temporarily.