Traders With Edge offers funds to assist traders in realizing their potential.

Traders With Edge offers funds to assist traders in realizing their potential.


Traders With Edge is a unique platform that provides a complete service to traders. The company was created to help traders to understand the concept of leverage trading and how to use it to make maximum profits.

A US-based proprietary trading company called Traders with Edge supports and educates traders who want to leave their day jobs and pursue trading as their full-time profession. Their investment firm, Symbiosis Capital, has been operating in Australia for a while, but they only decided to hire new personnel a year ago. As a result, they developed the idea for Traders With Edge to find and evaluate potential traders.

So How Exactly Does Trader Funding Work?

On a simulated trading account, traders take a practical trading test (referred to as a challenge). A trader must achieve a profit target in a predetermined time without losing money or breaking any rules to pass the test.

When a trader completes the challenge phase, they are hired on a performance contract basis. With real capital of up to $1 million USD, they trade for the prop firm.

The trader can keep 80% of their profits while using the company’s money as long as they stay within the parameters.

Traders With Edge will steadily increase the trading capital for skilled traders up to $3 Million USD after the trader has achieved specific milestones.

A trader is qualified for the big league after trading with the prop firm for more than two years. The trader will be ready and presented to larger institutions where they can receive funding up to $30 million USD if the trading is consistent.

The biggest obstacle for part-time traders who want to become full-time is a lack of funding. The trading landscape has changed thanks to our model. According to a representative for Traders With Edge, a trader in Kenya has an equal chance of becoming a full-time funded trader in New York.

The Directors of this prop trading company have an impressive track record of successfully launching and expanding businesses around the globe. Their philosophy might hold the key to their success.

The spokesperson stated that “the company always remains open to strategic partnerships that enable rapid growth.”

Traders With Edge aims to change numerous individuals’ lives by funding 25,000 traders by the end of 2025. The company intends to accomplish this by offering support, training, and funding for traders that will enable traders all over the world to reach their full potential and lead fulfilling lives.

Traders with Edge, which has offices in both the US and Hong Kong, provides funding and training for traders who want to quit their day jobs and focus solely on trading to live their lives according to their terms.


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