What To Say To A Henderson Personal Injury Lawyer At Your First Meet?

What To Say To A Henderson Personal Injury Lawyer At Your First Meet?


Personal injury cases require timely action and legal assistance. The more time you take seeking legal help, it will make your case weaker. In such a case, multiple stakeholders are involved in it.

It includes the aggrieved party, insurance company, the defendant, and their lawyer. It is essential to get in touch with a Henderson personal injury lawyer as soon as your loved one suffers any grievous injury.

If you are in doubt whether a particular accident or hazard comes under a personal injury or not, legal consultation can help.

However, you must prepare yourself before contacting a Henderson-based personal injury lawyer.

The first meeting with an attorney is always significant. It will help you understand the professional attitude of your attorney and his conduct throughout the meeting.

Here is a brief guideline of what you should ask your lawyer at the first meeting and how you should behave in front of them.


Firstly, the lawyer would like to know more about you, your background, family details, and contact information.

Some attorneys may also ask you to complete some paperwork or a questionnaire. While filling out all details, make sure all information is factual.

Background of the Accident or Personal Injury 

After the initial conversation, your lawyer may ask you to share significant information about what has happened. Here you have to remember that honesty is the key. You must disclose everything to your injury lawyer, but make sure nobody is else in the cabin.

When you divulge all relevant information to the lawyer, it helps you stay safe from future misunderstandings, confusion, and trust deficit between you and your attorney.

Bring All Necessary Documents 

When you go to meet your lawyer for the first time don’t forget to bring all necessary documents and copies with you. Your attorney should have all necessary documents relevant to your case.

Some of these documents that you must submit to your lawyer are:

  • A copy of the police record that mentions your injury in detail.
  • All relevant medical records and bills to prove the medical expenses incurred for the injury.
  • All significant medical investigation reports specify the investigation report and diagnosis.
  • A copy from your HR manager mentioning the days you missed due to a personal injury.

Meeting a lawyer for the first time can be a matter of huge excitement and apprehension. If the lawyer is well-experienced, he can make the introductory process easy.

In Conclusion 

The first meeting with an attorney is always difficult. But when you meet each other a few times more, things will become simple. Also, don’t forget to ask necessary questions to your lawyer at your first meeting.

At any stage, if you feel the lawyer’s consultation fee is out of your budget, it’s better to inform them about the same. You can even negotiate with them as per need.