How can you change a PDF file to something editable?

How can you change a PDF file to something editable?


If you are browsing through this article, then you are likely to be aware of a PDF Document.

Do you know what PDF stands for?

No worries! We can help you know.

It is a Portable Document Format. This format supports only readable documents, which apparently means that you cannot edit or make changes in a PDF. However, you might convert a PDF to a Word document and then make changes to it.

There are several formal documents we go through every day, and these documents have a specific that needs not to be changed, and for such documents, PDF is the best format.

Viewing a PDF

While editing a PDF might not be very direct but viewing a PDF is comparatively very simple and easy. It does not require any special tools. As a PDF has a definite format, you can use any application or browser to open and view a PDF available to you.

In case you are not aware, PDF was majorly developed with an intention to make access to documents easy for the receiver and safe for the sender. Are you wondering, “How?”

Well, a PDF file is easy to access as it does not require any specific software in order to be viewed. If you own a PDF reader or a web browser, then it will only take mere seconds to open a PDF.

And a PDF version of any document is safe for the sender as the receiver cannot make edits to the file directly. The layout of the document remains the same. And a PDF can be used to transform data in any form that includes images, videos, links as well.

Making a PDF editable

Now, you must be wondering, “how to work with a file that does not support any edits?”

Well, you can simply change a PDF file to something editable with the help of a PDF editor.

While the simplest method of editing a PDF can be converting it to a Word document, you can also change the file to a Doc and then make changes to it. However, you might face problems in the situation as the built-in tools of Word or Doc might fail to preserve the initial layout of the file you wished to work on, and your task might get difficult. In such a case, you can opt for Adobe’s Acrobat Reader, which is indeed an expensive method to do the task. If you think that your PDF file is worth the cost, then you might choose to spend on the subscription.

And finally, you have a wide variety of conversion tools easily available online to assist you with PDF editing. The only thing you need to consider in this case is how sensitive is the information available in your file and how safe your PDF editing tool is, as an online PDF editor requires you to upload your file to their server to convert it.


Being a gen Z, you cannot avoid PDF files and work with them, especially after the digitalization of schools and offices. Also, PDF is somehow making things easier and better for us. All you need to do is make a wise choice about the tools and methods you use to work with a PDF file.