Things to Know About Getting a Business Loan

Things to Know About Getting a Business Loan


Looking to get a business loan? We Buy Any House have compiled our top things to know about getting a business loan…

Start With a Business Plan:

The first thing you will need if you’re looking to apply for a business loan is to have a functioning business that works. This is because you will have to convince a lender to give you the business loan itself. It’s important for lenders to understand that you are capable and credible of running your own business, and that you have the right attributes, skills and knowledge in order to further your business. In your business plan, you willhave to include a plethora of things, such as:

  • Business goals
  • Competitor analysis and business comparisons
  • Previous projected revenues and other expenses
  • Market analysis
  • How you intend on furthering your company
  • Why you deserve a business loan
  • Completing an executive summary about yourself

Prepare Financial Statements:

When you are applying for a loan, you will have to prepare a financial statement to prove what your future goals are, and that the work you are doing will make enough money to pay the lenders back in due course. It’s important to include the following in your financial statement:

  • Cash flow statements
  • Income statements
  • Balance statements for the past three to five years
  • Estimates for bank statements
  • Taking into consideration seasonal changes in your business

State the Purpose of Your Loan:

When you go to ask for a business loan, it’s important that you state the purpose of your loan. It’s important that you are able to state why you want the loan, and to identify what equipment you will need throughout your business. You will also need to include anything you want to buy when you are using the business loan and provide research that you have looked into the cheapest alternatives of what to buy.

Check Your Personal Credit History:

Before you apply for any type of business loan, you will need to check that your personal credit history Is intact. This is especially important if your business hasn’t been running for long, as you will need to prove that you are a financially responsible person.

Understand What the Loan Will End Up Costing You in the End:

Before you sign for a loan, it’s important that you know how much you will end up paying in the long run when you are paying off your loan. Firstly, find out how much it will time it will take to pay off your loan, and also find out how much various lenders will be able to give you, as this way you can use this to pay off any interest rates and imminent fees to your life. This information should be included with your financial statements, but it’s important to know all of the terms and condition of the loan beforehand.

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